Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark

A few weeks ago, A new skate park was built down in Bradenton, Right over the Skyway Bridge. It's an all cement park, and has a really well thought out layout. It's Fairly large all things considered, and I would think it would be safe to say that it's one of the largest parks this region has seen. The park is pretty dialed in and has quite a few pros and cons to it. I'll list them out from my own opinion and see what you guys think.

-Large open set-up.
-Has an oldschool esque feel to the park, which I personally really enjoy. Including a snake-run.
-Great variety of ramp's and set-ups to ride or skate. The amount of fun to be had could be endless.
-Lights are on 24/7. The lights are also well placed and very bright.
-Police normally take runs around the skate park to ensure a safe environment.
-Located directly next to a hospital, just in case anything goes wrong, at least you know that your only a couple minutes away from help!

-Due to the park being recently opened, and the lack of other nearby park's to ride, the park is almost always jam packed with other riders and skaters, and also a massive amount of children, who become probably one of the peskiest problems at the park.(Everytime i've been there thus far besides once, there has been no  less than around three or four hundred people.)
-Since there are so many people at the park, tensions between people in the crowd tend to rise pretty quickly.
-Sometimes it can be hard to actually sneak in a line here and there.

--Updates in the near future--